EMOTIONS and Synchronicity


92 pages – content in English

As humans, we are constantly navigating the ebbs and flows of our emotions, seeking to understand them, tame them, and use them to our advantage. Yet, beyond our individual experiences, there is a greater force at play in the universe that connects us all: synchronicity.

In this book, we embark on a journey with the Star Traveler, a wise and enlightened being, who shares with us their insights on the intricate interplay between emotions and synchronicity. Through their stories, teachings, and practices, we discover how our emotions can either block or amplify the synchronicities that come our way, and how aligning with our true purpose and the universe can lead to a life of joy and fulfillment.

This book is not just a theoretical exploration, but a practical guide to integrating the power of emotions and synchronicity into our daily lives. Whether you are seeking personal growth, spiritual development, or a greater sense of connection to the world around you, the Star Traveler’s wisdom and guidance can help you navigate the journey with greater ease and grace.


In the vast expanse of the universe, there are many mysteries that continue to elude us. One of the most fascinating mysteries is the phenomenon of synchronicity – the occurrence of seemingly meaningful coincidences that defy logical explanation. Some believe that these coincidences are mere chance, while others believe that they are a result of a higher power at work.

The Star Traveler is one who has delved deeply into this mystery, seeking to understand the intricate interplay between emotions, synchronicity, and the universe. Through his travels and experiences, he has come to recognize the power of synchronicity and its ability to shape our lives in profound and unexpected ways.

In this book, The Star Traveler shares his wisdom and insights on how to navigate the complex terrain of emotions and synchronicity to create a life of joy and fulfillment. He offers personal stories of his own experiences, as well as practical steps and exercises to help readers align with their highest purpose and live a life of synchronicity.

From exploring the role of positive and negative emotions in creating synchronicity, to understanding the

collective emotional field and its influence on our experiences, The Star Traveler provides a comprehensive guide to embracing the mystery of synchronicity in all its forms.

Through this journey, readers will learn to recognize the signs and messages of the universe, and how to integrate the power of synchronicity into their daily lives. Whether you are seeking to unlock your full potential, overcome emotional blocks, or simply embrace the mystery and wonder of life, this book offers a roadmap for achieving greater harmony, joy, and synchronicity.

Join The Star Traveler on a journey of discovery, as he reveals the intricate dance between our emotions and the universe, and how we can harness this power to create a life of abundance, joy, and synchronicity. The journey may not always be easy, but with The Star Traveler as your guide, it is sure to be transformative and inspiring.



About the Author

CYRILLO DESOUZA, in addition to an Computer scientist, is also a Consultant in the areas of Government and International Relations, Geopolitics and Exopolitics.

He’s also a researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience, Social and Evolutionary Psychology and behavior patterns, a tireless researcher of answers on human nature, mysteries and experiences on this planet, Writer, Philosopher and Philanthropist with active work in humanitarian and non- profit projects.

He’s fall in love with perceived reality and the unknown or even hidden, and demonstrate that even in the areas considered as “humanities” the “onus probandi” must be respected, since he’s consider all branches of human knowledge as part of the scientific endeavor.

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